Artificial intelligence - the new normal

Once again we are summoning the tech community of Västerbotten for an evening of inspiring stories, networking, snacks and drinks.

This time we will immerse ourselves in the world of artificial intelligence.

As usual there will be time for networking and making new friends within the startup community.

Agenda and speakers is found below.


17.00-18.00, Mingle and networking

  • The bar will be open and you have the oppurtunity to grab some food for 100 SEK

18.00-20.00, Stage program

  • Keynote speakers (see below, more to be announced soon)
  • Investor talks  (investors to be announced later)
  • Pitches from promising startups
  • Demo Day-winners announced

20.00-22.00, Early summer party

Keynote speakers

Johanna Björklund
Entreprenuer and scientist

AI and Machine Learning; a Formal Introduction and Wild Speculations

Over the last five years, public interest in AI and the enabling technology machine learning (ML) has steadily increased. Although most of the central algorithms were invented in the 70s and 80s, we only recently had sufficient computational power to make them practically relevant. Applications in, e.g., content personalisation, industrial automatisation, and health care suggest that AI will have far-reaching implications for society. This talks gives a  brief and high-level introduction to the field, summaries current events, and concludes with some wild speculations about the coming decades.

Johanna Björklund

Johanna shares her time between Umeå University, where she is an Associated Professor in Computing Science, and her spinn-off Codemill, which specialises in digital video, machine learning, and product development. She has received several scientific and industrial awards, and is named as one of Sweden’s most promising entrepreneurs under 40. 

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